Cosima Bellamacina is a London based artist, singer-songwriter and model.

Her art is known for its minimalistic style, line and a consistency of black ink. 

Cosima studied History of Art at The University of London. Her artist book 'We Sell Our Beauty Too Cheap' captures the artists adoration for the idealism of classical art and iconography, the book also explores the themes of young adulthood and mental health. 

Bellamacina has collaborated with brands such as Stella McCartney where she featured her artwork for 'Save The Bees' fashion campaign, she has also modelled for Burberry, Elle UK, Jigsaw and appeared in British Vogue along with her sisters. 

She has exhibited in London, in collaboration with the NHS and The Arts Project for the 'Art of Caring', on the theme of mental health in 2019. She has also exhibited her work as a duo with artist/designer Monique Lucas in 'Our Mystic Paper-Youth In Dreams'. 

Bellamacina's music can be heard here. She wrote and performed 'Your Love Saved Me' for the soundtrack of UK feature film Hurt By Paradise in 2019. 

She is currently about to release her second art-book 'Spirited' which is about her journey as a new mother.