Cosima Bellamacina is a singer-songwriter and artist from London. Born and raised in North London/Camden Town, Cosima trained at Sylvia Young and Italia Conti in singing, acting and dance. She then went on to The London School of Speech & Drama and The Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts to then later appearing in two Harry Potter films.


From a young age Cosima has been fascinated by music. Cosima sang at Camden School for Girls choir, and had piano lessons at school. ‘Sitting at the piano and playing freestyle chords allows me to see where the chords take me, what stands out to the emotion I’m feeling at that time, that’s usually how it starts’. She started writing songs and making music from a very young age but has always kept it to herself until now, she also started making and recording songs with her songwriter father Benny Bellamacina from 9 years old.


‘Growing up I would go to my dad's recording studio in Hoxton Square, London, it was great hanging out and being influenced by the musicians and singers.  I had an early appreciation of how the studios work and it was fascinating hearing all the different styles of music being created. It’s so lovely thinking back but as a 9 nine year old I took it for granted. I think what I loved most was picking up on the vibe in the studio with musicians, like a sacred environment and hearing the music coming out of massive speakers in the control room/production studio’. 


At 16 years old Cosima was talent spotted by Burberry and asked to feature in one of their modelling campaigns. Since then Cosima has worked with many major brands such as Stella McCartney and appearing in British Vogue along with her sisters. 


Cosima Bellamacina performed her song ‘Your Love Saved Me’ (written by Cosima Bellamacina and Benny Bellamacina) for UK feature film ‘Hurt by Paradise’ which is now available on digital. 


The debut single ‘Paint My Name Black' is now available to stream everywhere. ‘Paint My Name Black is a song about a broken relationship I was inspired to write about. I like to be as truthful as I can be in my writing, I think the lyrics speak for them-self in this song, but it’s about finding a peace with that person who you don’t want to think of you badly, who you both know was a bad relationship, but to somehow move on in a positive way’


Cosima Bellamacina’s next single 'Way Too Deep' will be released in March. ‘I’m really excited about this song, it is about a sort of personality type we can all fall into the trap of becoming, in thinking too much about the wrong things, it’s also about being aware that we can change our way of the thinking if we want to, I can definitely relate to the woman in the song’ As soon venues open up Cosima will be playing live to promote her album that will be available in August 2021.


In 2019, Bellamacina released her artist book of drawings and poetry titled 'We Sell Our Beauty Too Cheap' which is available to purchase as an e-book on Amazon and Google Books. Created to be a part of the ‘Art of Caring’  exhibition in Kings Cross on the theme of mental health, Cosima challenges the conventions of ‘beauty’ in art and the stigma of ‘mental health’ by bringing the unseen everyday realities to the surface. ‘The poetry alongside my art gives it another dimension and brings the art to life and tells my stories’ Her (untitled) new book featuring her latest artworks and poetry will be released in Spring 2021.

Summer of 2019, Cosima featured her 30 drawings to the duo exhibition of 'Our Mystic Paper-Youth In Dreams' alongside Monique Lucas on topics of dreams.


Cosima Bellamacina has much more to say with her music and art. She continues to work hard ‘I just feel I need to convey my emotions through song-writing and my art, its how I express myself’

©2021 Cosima Bellamacina

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